I’m a qualified counsellor and therapist, and through my client work in this area – which includes extensive one-on-one work with people living with trauma – I know the importance and impact of creating a safe, supportive therapeutic environment – both in my client sessions and in the other work I do.

It’s a privilege to get to support people as they start to tell and explore their stories, and to be able to facilitate the client’s process towards a better understanding of themselves , their relationships and their world. I’ve worked with clients on all sorts of issues, with the most common being: stress, depression, anxiety, past or present experience of abuse or violence, addiction, body image and identity issues, and finding ways through guilt, shame, loss or fear. I’ve had incredible feedback for my one-to-one therapeutic work, with clients reporting feeling less isolated and afraid, and becoming more self-compassionate, self-accepting and resilient over the course of our sessions together.

Think you might want to work with me? The website for my private counselling practice is still in development, but in the meantime you can get in touch with me directly to discuss it more.

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