Mental Health

I’m a qualified therapeutic counsellor who’s worked in women’s centres, schools and other settings, collaborating on in-depth, one-to-one therapeutic work with people of all backgrounds.

I now have my own private practice, and consult and mentor on a range of projects aimed at supporting better wellbeing and mental health, working with individuals and groups on all sorts of issues.

I bring my intersectional identity politics and values to everything I do, and therapy is no exception: I pride myself on creating a safe, supportive therapeutic environment where every individual client is recognised and celebrated for who they are – whatever they’ve been through.

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Rebel Therapy

My private therapy practice, Rebel Therapy, is a space for creatives and non-conformists of all stripes, shapes and backgrounds.

It’s therapeutic counselling for punks and poets, baristas in bands, anarchists and artists. It’s for ravers, screenwriters, drag artists, dancers and dreamers.

If you’re interested in working one-on-one with a therapist who prizes authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and compassion, you can find out more about my therapeutic work and book your free consultation via the below link.

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The Future Is Ours

I mentor and consult on all sorts of projects aimed at supporting better mental health and wellbeing. Most recently, I was one of ten creative practitioners who collaborated with youth mental health charity 42nd Street on The Future Is Ours, a ten-day festival celebrating the voices and creativity of young people during the pandemic. I mentored a brilliant young writer named Noor Rubani who created this brilliant zine, Noorie’s Lightbulb, over the course of our collaboration.

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The Divine Feminist podcast

The Divine Feminist is a brilliant podcast by writer and therapist Ceryn Rowntree. I was thrilled to be a guest on it in early 2020, where Ceryn and I discussed many of my all-time favourite topics: trauma recovery, subcultures, identity, and what it is to be your multi-faceted, glorious self in a world that sometimes has a very strict definition of normal.

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Activism + Mental Health

Protecting and advocating good mental health within a movement supports its longevity and is a powerful form of activism in itself. I believe mental health should be considered as an integral, proactive aspect of any activism, not just as an afterthought. That means:Β  knowing the signs of burnout and vicarious trauma; thinking about how information, resources and leadership roles are shared so people can rotate in and out depending on their needs; setting up systems for mutual care and support; and setting, recognising and respecting boundaries.

I talked to journalist Diyora Shadijanova about these topics and more for an article on Restless Magazine

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Get Your Head in the Game

Get Your Head in the Game: An Exploration of Football’s Complex Relationship with Mental Health is the only book of its kind, written with real passion, insight and sensitivity. It’s the first non-fiction book from author Dom Stevenson, and I’m dead honoured to be included in it. Alongside tons of interviews with players, fans and other folk, you’ll find a chapter in which I talk to Dom about topics including anger, resilience, self-care, what to expect from the therapeutic process, and how to help when you suspect someone close to you might be struggling.

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