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…is a completely free, fourteen-day programme to help you reconnect to your creativity.

If you’ve been scared, stuck or otherwise struggling to find the time and headspace to devote to your writing, this is a gentle, structured series of daily love letters, writing prompts and resources that I hope will help.

This thoughtful, imaginative series of daily emails is designed to lovingly support and empower you into reconnecting to your writing, boosting your creative confidence in only two weeks.

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What do I get?

Once you sign up, you’ll get a daily email from me every day for a fortnight. Each one will have a writing prompt, and an assortment of idea-generating story starters, images and links to other resources, along with all the encouragement you need to keep you going.

The series is completely free, and gives you a framework to explore different daily ‘ways in’ to your creativity, building a gentle, regular practice and hopefully giving you some new ideas, skills and experiences along the way!

You can approach each day’s prompt as a standalone exercise, or there are opportunities to link the prompts together to dive deeper into a previous day’s writing if that’s what you decide.

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Who's it for?

This is for you. No matter your level of writing experience, I hope there will be something useful, enchanting and energising for you in this series. I’m predominantly a fiction writer, so some of the prompts skew that direction, but you can also use them as starting points for journalling, memoir, poetry, or any other sort of writing you might want to focus on.

With each day’s prompt, you’ll get suggestions for how you can adapt the exercise if you need to customise it to make it more suitable for you. There are prompts which focus on specific aspects of writing – elements like place or character – but these are designed to be accessible to all levels, and there are a ton of resources included in every email if you need somewhere to start.

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What's the catch?

No catch, promise! You’ll be signed up to the 14-day series of emails, but if for whatever reason you decide you don’t want to continue, you can unsubscribe any time you choose, and there’s a link to do this in every email you’ll receive.

You’ll also be added to the list for my free fortnightly newsletter, in which I share updates and reflections about my own creative journey, along with hand-picked reads, resources and recommendations in every edition. You can unsubscribe at any point if you decide you don’t want these, and I’ll never share or sell your details under any circumstances.

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