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I’ve been delivering creative writing workshops for six years, leading talks and workshops on storytelling, creativity and all sorts of related topics for a diverse range of organisations and demographics (more on my experience as an educator here). Before that, I was a magazine editor and journalist. I’ve won awards for my own writing, and I’ve got a wealth of experience empowering other people to enhance their creative work. So, whether you need your draft critiqued or more in-depth support, I’m confident I can help.

Creative Coaching

Need some in-depth support? If your writing momentum has slowed or stalled completely, or your confidence and creativity gone AWOL, creative coaching with me could be a solution. These one-to-one sessions take place via Skype at the frequency of your choosing, whether that’s entirely ad-hoc or on a more structured schedule. This is an opportunity to protect and progress your creative voice and projects, and to really get to grips with any challenges you’re facing. Over the course of an hour’s session, you’ll set intentions, explore and develop ways through whatever’s holding you back, and get the accountability, insight and support you need to re-approach your writing with creativity, confidence and courage.

Creative coaching sessions currently available at £50/session.

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Latest Testimonials

“Asking Jane to perform editorial services on a late draft of my novel was one of the wisest professional moves I have ever made as a writer. Working to a brief tailored to my individual needs and budget, she supplied numerous insights and extremely thorough feedback that displayed a deep understanding of the novel’s flow, pace, characters and storyline. Nor was Jane’s editorial feedback templated – it was entirely unique to the specific work-in-progress. Every single one of her many recommendations and points to consider was an insight I had not thought of myself, and I will be taking every single one of her recommendations on board. As a worrisome writer, I’m extremely grateful for the sensitivity and positive nature of her editorial approach – I felt the book was in safe, caring hands and felt genuinely re-energised by her feedback. I cannot recommend her services enough. Thank you, Jane. You rock.”

“If you are someone who is serious about investing in your creative goals or just someone who gets any element of healing or wellbeing boost from creativity, then I cannot recommend Jane’s sessions highly enough. Jane is an extremely talented writer, performer and tutor. All this coupled with her professional counselling experience gives her a unique edge as a coach and mentor. Jane has been an absolutely invaluable influence in my creative journey and it’s a privilege to be able to continue this through one-to-one coaching sessions. I always finish the sessions feeling uplifted, motivated and like I’ve had a lovely catch-up with a friend. If there was ever a time to take the next step in your creative journey, it’s now!”

“By helping me to create action plans with realistic goals – whilst always focusing on self-care – I have managed to conquer so many of the hurdles that were holding me back and preventing me from enjoying my life. With her unfalteringly positive attitude and genuine understanding and empathy, Jane has helped me find the confidence to reach my creative potential and make positive and lasting changes to the way I live.”

“I feel very fortunate to have worked with Jane. She has a positive, fun and compassionate manner, providing a unique, empowering and wholly supportive approach. I have developed the confidence to pursue new creative opportunities, develop a writing and photography project and approach creative work with a sense of freedom and joy.”

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